Hey, I made a Blog Thing!

It’s been a busy several weeks with everything going on but it’s still an exciting feeling to actually have the website up and running. Most of my time seems to revolve around planning and thinking about what to add to the site and to the store. I know I won’t always have the time to update AttixComics with school, work, girlfriend and everything else that comes along, but it is my pride and joy and want it grow.

I am going to start advertising and trying to get some feedback from customers to understand what I may want or need to provide to everyone. It’s both exciting and scary to think about because I just want to be successful and provide everyone with a great product and service. So as a collector, I kind of have an idea of my own wants and needs but everyone can be different.

Pull lists, Pre Orders, Bigger Selection, and Bigger Inventory is something I am working on currently. Some of those are easy and some require a bit more computer know how to get it to function correctly. I am so thankful to have some good friends to lean on for support and even help. I never really expected someone to step out and help me out with a payment of “MTG” cards. How cool is that and how freaking lucky am I?! So it may be slow, but new additions and sections are definitely coming to the site.

It’s the start of a new month and still reeling in my own emotions over the death of Chadwick Boseman. Some people feel differently about celebrity deaths but this one really has touched a lot of people. Not only was he The Black Panther, but he was also someone that suffered and died from colon cancer. Chadwick seemed so young and yet, this still took his life. I feel like I have to speak with my doctor and get checked for such things. It can happen to him of all people, why not anyone else? This tragedy I hope will bring about a lot of information to everyone and could maybe save many, many lives.

Streamin’ on the weekends has become such a great time to really have some fun and put my face out to the public. I have been a gamer for 35 years now and can really sit back and enjoy playing with strangers as well as old friends. I want to involve doing these types of activates with AttixComics because it feels like a great way to build a community without having the advantage of a brick and mortar store. If I can play games, have a conversation and a few laughs with people then it could be a fresh take on life than just the mundane feeling of all work and no play makes Joartrak a dull boy.

Until next time, Stay safe and Stay nerdy.

-Ryan Blackburn (Joartrak) AttixComics

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