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About me


  Thank you, from every fiber of my being, for checking out not only this site, but this page as well. If you made it this far then I am feeling confident that you are curious about Attix comics and myself so I wanted to write this section up as quickly as I could to get it published onto the site.

   My name is Ryan (joartrak) and I have been into comic books for as far back as I can remember. Did you ever watch spider-man and his amazing friends? How about the Robocop cartoon? Muppet babies? Yeah, I remember watching all those as a small cub. Shades of the original incredible hulk and pryde of the x-men also come to my mind.

   Fast forward a bit more, we can also talk about spending whatever cash I had as a kid on marvel trading cards and action figures. I was also that kid that had to watch x-men the animated series every Saturday morning. It really was a great time to fall in love with the comic book culture.

   Today, I am lucky to say “I own a comic book store.” Sure it’s not the big, amazing shop that’s filled with hundreds of boxes of comics, tables filled with people playing tabletop games, or even the 2 arcade machines like golden axe and x-men, but it’s still my little slice of heaven. Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to grow that big and have my very own spot for people like us to hang out and spend our free time.

   Starting with the website, I want to provide a better experience for comic book enthusiasts and collectors. I don’t want to be just another comic shop, big box store or website. I want to connect with you. I want to not only provide you with a product, but provide you with a great product, a great service, and the expectation that you will receive your product in a condition that, as a collector, should expect.

   How many times have you received a comic that was bent up and stuff into your mailbox? Ordered a book and received it with little to no protection so that it got tossed around and damaged the book? Did you ever order a pop! Funko that looked like someone punted it across the street? Maybe ordered 20 or 30 comics and received them all damaged because someone might have dropped them on their corners so they all have that accordion look? I know I have, and it’s very, very annoying.

   So here we are, let’s have some fun. Let’s help build your collection. Let’s talk and get to know each other. I created this for you just as much for myself. I look forward to this every single day and continue to look forward to seeing how far we can go.

Thank you so much,
stay safe.

Ryan Blackburn

Owner of attix comics


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