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(W) Peter David, Robin Furth, Stephen King

(A) Richard Isanove

(A/CA) Jae Lee


Taking place directly following the shocking events seen in The Gunslinger Born, Roland along with Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns must flee for their lives from the town of Hambry, with a murderous posse close behind and the road ahead to Gilead and home fraught with peril. But Roland cannot resist the lure of their stolen prize - the enchanted seeing sphere nicknamed "Maerlyn's Grapefruit" - and finds his consciousness trapped inside this mystical orb, where many important secrets lie in wait, their revelations heralding death or worse. And while Roland's ka-tet is absorbed in its own drama, something is emerging from the desolate place known as the Dogan, as a long-slumbering spirit that portends great evil has awakened once more.

The Dark Tower VOL 2 HC Long Road Home

$21.24 Regular Price
$15.93Sale Price


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