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Sandy Claws has gone missing, and the mystery must be solved in time to save Christmas! Place the usual suspects of Jack Skellington, Sally, Mayor, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Finklestein, and Lock, Shock, and Barrell among popular locations in Halloween Town to piece together WHO kidnapped Sandy Claws, WHAT item was used to subdue him, and WHERE in Halloween Town he was hidden!

CLUE®: Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

$44.99 Regular Price
$38.24Sale Price
  • Amount of Players : 2-6 Players
    Game Length: 60+ Minutes
    Ages: 8+
    Game Type: Board Game

    • Custom game board
    • 6 custom suspect movers
    • 6 personality cards
    • 21 rumor cards
    • Custom Clue sheets
    • Envelope
    • 2 dice
    • Rules
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