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Returning to Earth, finally recovered from his confrontation five weeks ago with Black Adam, the Martian Manhunter observes the effects of Black Adam's war on the world. He watches as the Teen Titans face him at Greece. And even though he defeats them soundly, they pick themselves up, and still hurl themselves at him again, regardless of their own personal welfare. But even though he observes these events, his Martian senses are observing others, half a world away. Disgusted by the lies and deceit he sees in human nature, he is forced to confront his own lies and deciets, made in the course of doing good. He reveals himself to the police officers he worked beside as a Detective. Having come to grips with the world, as well as his own actions, J'onn Jonzz is ready to join the war against Black Adam.

52/WWIII #3 Book Three: Hell Is for Heroes

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