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(W) Wes Clark Jr, Steven De Souza

(A) Ediano Silva

(CA) Lucio Parrillo


It's Quartercentenary Day at L'école des jeunes filles du Val Verde! On the agenda: VIPs, a lovely buffet, fireworks... oh, and a diabolical crime four hundred years in the making! As the secret police cordon off the campus and more and more students succumb to the cult of the "Blessing Goddess," the aptly named mastermind El Cabellero brutally demonstrates that he's not horsing around-and Sheena has only hours to discover where the proverbial bodies are buried before she becomes one herself!
Both urban and actual jungle explode with action in this jam-packed final issue-featuring 25 story pages!

Sheena: Queen of The Jungle #5

$4.99 Regular Price
$4.49Sale Price
  • This book is bagged and boarded and appears to be in NM condition.

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