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(W) Wes Clark Jr, Steven De Souza

(A) Ediano Silva

(CA) Lucio Parrillo


It's the 400th anniversary of the exclusive boarding school L'ecole des Jeunes Filles du Val Verde, and as the clock ticks down to the ceremony, the menace cranks up! More and more of the students have fallen under the sway of the eerie cult of the "Blessing Goddess"; Sheena's mentor Don Felipe has to make a daring prison break; and Sheena and Bob are trapped between an army of mercenaries and a stampede of hippos! And as if that's not bad enough, the identity of the mysterious mastermind behind it all is finally revealed, and he's someone whom everyone considers above reproach ... and who is dangerously close to Sheena!

Sheena Queen Of The Jungle #4

$4.99 Regular Price
$4.49Sale Price
  • This book is bagged and boarded and appears to be in NM condition.

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