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(W) Michael Moreci

(A/CA) Jarrett Williams


From writer Michael Moreci (Barbaric, Wasted Space) and artist Jarrett Williams (Rick and Morty: Corporate Assets) comes a body-swapping, mind-bending Rick and Morty adventure!

Something is wrong with the Smith family. Well, more so than usual. Summer seems to think she's a super genius, and Jerry is acting like an adolescent teen . . . well, that tracks, but he's acting a lot like Morty! Turns out someone is going around the multiverse and mind-swapping members of the Smith family left and right. The question is why? As the real Rick and Morty hop around the multiverse they soon discover the mastermind behind this unhinged plan to make a hive mind of all the Ricks. Can Rick and Morty put an end to this evil scheme before losing themselves?

Rick And Morty Presents Fricky Friday #1

$5.99 Regular Price
$5.39Sale Price
  • This book is bagged and boarded and appears to be in NM condition.

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